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John Deere 8520T v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 8520T v1.0.0.0

John Deere 8520T from 2002 to 2005
Engine: John Deere 8.1L 6-cyl diesel
Power: 290 hp
Max Power: 325 hp
Gears: 16+4 Power-shift
Weight: 6075g
Fuel Tank: 492 litri
Model: Turbosquid
Texture, Ingame, Sounds: Beavers Modding
Script: GIANTS Software GmbH, BJR, Manuel Leithner, fruktor, modelleicher, Xentro, Lechu & Aranea, Burner, Grzegorz056, Matteo135.

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  • Blase mckinney
    2018-03-30 04:15
    this things is seriously a piece of shit. the tracks are all fucked up and don't work. this thing looks like it came from joe shitberg or that dude who has napoleon syndrome Kiss My Nuts
  • @blase mckinney
    2018-03-30 13:58
    You should say this thing, There is no such phrase as "this things is"Pretty obvious as to your level of education. Hence I would suggest people ignore your opinion. Also the mod was not permitted on this site which means your opinion is equal to your brain power - Zero point zero
  • @ @blase mckinney
    2018-03-30 14:01
    LOL and LOL - How true, what an idiot. Pigeon English says it all.
  • @ the second comment
    2018-03-30 19:52
    CLEARLY your dumb ass has never heard of a typo, so i suggest get the fuck off your high horse and go fuck your self with a fork ya stuck up good for nothing piece of shit
  • @ @ the second comment
    2018-03-31 01:39
    LOL -Yeah based on your messages you definitely are as refined as an apes bottom
  • Wtf is with that hood
    2018-04-06 05:50
    That hood though....... yikes
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