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John Deere 8530 ( FIXED! ) v1.1
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John Deere 8530 ( FIXED! ) v1.1

I did not make or convert this mod I simply fixed it for people who where having vehicles dissapear after restart error because of this tractor. You can now save and restart and it works perfectly!

Model: n/a
Texture: n/a
Script: n/a
Idea / Concept: n/a
Testing: n/a
Other: Opticz fixed error.

  • João
    2016-11-15 20:25
    Falta o espelho do lado direito
  • Younb
    2016-11-15 22:41
    Beau tracteur, tout fonctionne bien sauf retroviseur droit (9.5/10)
  • Hardworker
    2016-11-16 17:37
    I had a multibillion dollar operation 2 farms multiplayer with my buddy everyday and when I went to launch my game I was devastaded
  • Gordon deans
    2016-11-16 19:58
    is it fixed?
  • Tgh117
    2016-11-17 04:22
    All seems fine for me now.
  • Brandon
    2016-11-17 06:46
    hi i am new to this and i cannot get it to appear as a mod in my mods list on the game... what am i doing wrong??? thanks
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