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John Deere 8820 with header and trailer v1.0
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John Deere 8820 with header and trailer v1.0

This is the JD8820 harvester ported over from FS15 to FS17 by Ross W with a refuel fix.  I have added a moddified 630R header to it and a associated header trailer from the 670i by MySQly.

* Fixed refueling
* Modified header color to match harvester
* Modified reel rotation to match 8820 speeds

All appears to be working. Happy Farming

fs2kmodding converted from 2013 to 2015
Ross W for conversion from fs15 to 17
MySQly for header and trailer

  • Name
    2017-05-29 17:25
    is this the Turbo or the Titanic 2?
  • Wayne
    2017-05-29 17:52
    it a 8820 turbo men I had 3 of them that I own think u for the mods men
  • Jd


    2017-05-30 01:32
    I would really enjoy it if they would scale it down to its proper size.
  • Jd


    2017-05-30 01:36
    Compare the farmer in the pictures http://static.fastline.com/assets/item/061/178/255138d1-f407-4b32-9aa7-32c08c1096ce.jpg
  • Merica!
    2017-05-30 20:37
    Its a mod, you can do whatever you want with it JD, including change its size - https://gdn.giants-software.com/editor.php
  • Zzzzz
    2017-05-30 21:30
    awesome 8820 titan 2 nice older classic combine addition to FS17, any chance of converting the CASE IH 1480 combine & headers.
  • Damian
    2017-05-31 19:52
    it has no model
  • Damian
    2017-05-31 19:52
    it has no model
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