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John Deere 8R 2014 USA v4.0
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John Deere 8R 2014 USA v4.0

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Mod from JHHG Modding facebook page - I only sharing

Most proper 8R 2014 USA series in FS17
- Dynamic Hoses
- New textures (JD hexcode colors)
- New specmaps
- New, 38 wheels configurations
- Dynamic Tires
- TireTracks for all multiple tires!
- New cab (properly with one beacon and optional fenders)
- New hood and frame sections
- 3 point attacher + optional quickHitch
- 5 motor configurations!
- New, custom sounds
- New, real LED lights
- New coronas
- Custom speculars on frame and tires
- New front weight and support
- Row Crop front axis
- LSW Goodyear 1400 & 1100 Floaters with my custom Specmaps (optional)
- Goodyear & Firestone wheels
- New Mirriors
- Fixed Exhaust particles
- JHHG optional Logo
- Greenstar optional
- Console lights
- Real xm values
- New decals and much more!

* Credits for original model going to: TechMod
* Credits for this edit going to: JHHG Modding FS17

JHHG Modding FS17 (JHHG Farms)

  • Furious
    2018-10-22 19:28
    del 106 mb serious ?
  • Jhhgsucks
    2018-10-22 21:16
    It's 106 MB Because that is what happens when you lego build mods from paint.net and other peoples parts. This guy is a fraud and a terrible EDITOR this idiot is far from being deserving the title of modder. Not to mention him selling other peoples free mods for personal gain. To simply put it he is a scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Angusg
    2018-10-22 21:46
    cut him some slack why does everyone focus on the negatives if you dont like mit dont download it and cut the shit talk
  • Damn
    2018-10-23 13:04
    Love the sounds and dirt on it! File is a little to big, but all unnecessary files have been deleted when I checked :) Finally decent americanized john deere with clear log. Nice work guys!
  • Jjkovo
    2018-10-23 16:44
    @angusg - JHHG gets flack because he takes other modders creations, makes a few cosmetic changes and calls it his own. He then accuses all other of "stealing" his designs from a supposedly leaked folder. The reality is that JHHG is charging people for mods that he claims to have created but has in reality copy/pasted and turned into crap...add to the fact he is rude and has told people to go kill themselves for calling out his BS. So no, we won't stop giving him crap and calling out his BS Mods.
  • Fuck off
    2018-10-24 09:05
    Stop hating his work - community making scam about JHHG becouse his edits are better than any shit from hate pages or damn groups where people doing nothing good with mods, only hating his better wotk.
  • Rip off
    2018-10-24 19:35
    He totally rips people off with his shitty edits of other peoples good mods. JHHG changes the author in modesc to, JHHG Modding & editing. Then claims there his. I have downloaded some of his shit edits, and have seen this first hand. Charges you money for his edits. some people have been ripped off not getting any mods. But he got the money.
  • Lmfao
    2018-10-25 02:37
    @FUCK OFF LMFAO pathetic you have to try and support yourself JHHG.
  • Mod_god
    2018-10-25 03:32
    JHHG Modding is the biggest FUCKING JOKE I have ever seen in FS history!!!! lol
  • Fuct'd modding
    2018-10-26 08:21
    We approve of his work. Lay off him guys. He's NOT Rory.
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