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John Deere 8R EU 2010 FINAL v2.1
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John Deere 8R EU 2010 FINAL v2.1

* V2.1
Few more IC
Better physics
Better ILS suspension Effect (only true 8R ILS!)

* V2.0
13 more Realistic Scripts!  (Dynamic hoses, Vibirations, exhasut effects, Real GPS, Cab suspension etc..)
68 Configurations!
Correct parts for Old Generation 8R Series!
Real Sounds!
Lot of New IC!
Error Free!
File Reduced and Cleared in 100%

The most realistic John Deere Tractor in fs17
JHHG Modding

JHHG Modding
Martin Fabik
SiiD Modding

  • Wow


    2018-11-13 15:32
    Just when I thought this retard couldn't get any worse, he now resorts to using uploaded.net. Seriously, you are the lowest of the low in this community JHHG. Not only do you steal others' mods and literally sell them as your own, you now use uploaded.net to line your greasy pockets even further. Get the hell out of this community JHHG, do everyone a favor.
  • Jhhg modding
    2018-11-13 17:01
    RE:WOW (Brad Steigerwalt from NEFG Modding) I doing favor to everyone becouse I just released the most realistic JD Tractor :) 90% of modders useing Uploaded.net for hosting so I don't see any problems.I use it to know how many times people downloaded my mods - btw thanks everyone for over 1,400 downloads in 24h on original link!
  • Lol


    2018-11-13 17:33
    Who said anything about Brad Steigerwalt? I guess that just proves how stupid you really are. Brad has nothing to do with these comments. 99% of the entire community hates your guts and wants you to leave, it's not just Brad Steigerwalt. Oh, and I suppose next you'll tell me to go kill myself like you've done in the past. The proof is out there, lots of people are done with your shit.
  • Jhhg moron
    2018-11-13 20:13
    You're the biggest scam artist of all time anyone that follows you and pays you for the garbage you put out is just as brainwashed as anyone who pays for WMF's BS Just go AWAY! As for using uploaded thats just as bad as you scamming people! Uploaded is the biggest virus site of all time only upside is when your shit gets posted here this site never keeps the original link lmao!
  • Mr-fox
    2018-11-13 20:39
    hi thats agreat JD where is the front fenders??? can u add them pls to make it completpls :D
  • Jhhg modding
    2018-11-13 22:01
    RE: MR-FOXMaybe scroll down options and choose them? :D I know 68 options are a lot, but you can check them all
  • Mr-fox
    2018-11-13 22:59
    scroll down ?? i would check it out is that when u buy the tractor u mean ???
  • Mr-fox
    2018-11-13 23:04
    i have found it THX man for that great tractor
  • Deerefan
    2018-11-13 23:19
    What a sweet deere u have make, but there are something black thing at the rear wheels somethin like a back fender there was cut or missing. in both sites .is that smoething u can fix..................?
  • Jhhg modding
    2018-11-14 01:11
    RE: MR-FOX - Enjoy!RE: DEEREFAN - Now I see it - missed part after blender work. I will post next update soon on my page :) JHHG Modding
  • Brad s.
    2018-11-14 03:01
    LMFAO now hes accusing people of being me. Low ass manchild.
  • Deerefan
    2018-11-14 20:20
    would that update come here to ????
  • Jhhg modding
    2018-11-14 20:46
    RE: DEEREFANOfficial only on JHHG Modding facebook page :) maybe I will put it there one day too
  • Deerefan
    2018-11-14 22:53
    i would be so glad if u also put the up date here to. and thats a great John Deere u have make.
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