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John Deere 8R Series BETA
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John Deere 8R Series BETA

John Deere 8R series by TechMod a.s. This is first beta version of our mod :)
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Copyright © 2010-2015 All rights reserved

Model: Hulalo Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Texture: Hulalo Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Script: Oriešok Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Idea / Concept: Oriešok Modding (TechMod a.s.)
Testing: Oriešok Modding (TechMod a.s.), Agrostroj team
Special thanks to: LsJira Cz, DZ ModdingCz, Fira Cz, Slavo LS Modding

  • Jegern83
    2016-11-28 15:24
    how do i douwload this moods
  • Elora
    2016-11-29 18:18
    I dot no
  • Elora
    2016-11-29 18:21
    I dot nofist time don't kno
  • Andre
    2016-11-29 19:36
    waarom doe deze mode he niet
  • Johndeere318
    2016-11-29 22:05
    Lovely, lovely mod! I am a proud fan of JD, just wish JD would let GIANTS sign with them! But this mod, even though it is a BETA, this is still pretty darn good and pretty good quality of a mod. :-)
  • Probably wont happen
    2016-11-29 23:11
    John Deere has their own farming game called John Deere American Farmer and also American Builder with construction equipment. Giants really doesn't need to sign JD on as long as we have mods... just my 2 cents
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