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John Deere 9R series v3.1.1
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John Deere 9R series v3.1.1

JohnDeere9620R - HP range 370-620 - Several sets of tires to choose - Front Weights - Steel/poly tank option but not sure what it does.
Version 3.1.1 - All I did was to change the inside cab camera view to match the mouse move direction. Mouse left = look left.
Added a version information text file to the mod file.
Not sure who the original author is. Hope someone can get this mod "MR ready".

Unknown original author - GreenBlood44 performed version 3.1.1 inside cab mouse view adjustment so it looks left when the mouse moves left.

  • Me


    2018-03-02 06:33
    that would be KNN
  • Anne kirsten
    2018-08-22 17:01
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