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John Deere chipper v2.0
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John Deere chipper v2.0

This is a john Deere chipper and it holds 480,685 liters. Speed is 32 miles per hour. hope you enjoy and have great fun with this mod.
Power: 400
Price: 38000
Dailyupkeep: 10
Brand: FDR
Category: Wood
Authors: adub modding and FDR

adub modding and FDR

  • Mod de merde!
    2018-10-28 09:41 Send message
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    le mec nous sort des mods de plus en plus pourri,juste pour dire qu'il est la en gros...
  • Mod de merde
    2018-10-28 09:43 Send message
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    the guy is coming out of the mods more and more rotten, just to say that he is the big one ...
  • This shit
    2018-10-28 13:41 Send message
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    Killed whole game so no worth of download
  • Sht happends
    2018-10-28 14:25 Send message
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    Destroys whole mod file so do not download this!!! I had to delete my mod file and savegames because of this retarded download
  • Does not destroy anything
    2018-10-28 18:59 Send message
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    does not destroy for me
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