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John Deere DB120 v1
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John Deere DB120 v1

Captin Shitbergs long awaited DB120!

Its mine now I remade it

  • Smart guy
    2017-08-13 20:26
    Thanks John!
  • Down syndrome dj
    2017-08-13 20:37
    I sure like playing with LBJ's garbage he tosses out! At least I can use this since I can't ingame my case planter...
  • Works well
    2017-08-14 21:30
    It's not perfect but it's pretty darn good
  • Garbage pickers
    2017-08-14 23:13
    lol, why are you people drooling over joe's junk. He hasn't used this shit in years. Raise your standards like he has people. #MakeFSGreatAgain
  • Guest
    2017-08-16 05:55
    raise your standards like joe? as far as i'm concerned this has nothing to do with joe at all. i've wanted a db120 seeder for A LONG time and it has nothing to do with who made it. i don't care what joe uses. what i want and use for this game has NOTHING to do with what anyone else wants or uses for this game.
  • Trippy
    2018-06-18 00:38
    i actually like detailed mods that look nice and performs. so any of his mods ill get my hands on. also does anyone else know any great modders who do american style mods.
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