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John Deere R4045 v1
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John Deere R4045 v1

i take no credit for making this mod and i'm not going to take any credit for the editing i did to it to fix it either. this mod has both the sprayer and dry box and is working great. the character needs a little work and the lights need done but it does have beacons. everything thing else works very well for me. feel free to edit as you see fit. oh this is basic mod no ic on it.

Original according to modDesc

Smith Modding

Edited by

me, it doesn't matter, i'm just happy to share with the community no matter what kind of comments are received afterwards and no matter what kind of hack jobs are done afterwards.

  • Me


    2016-12-16 14:42
    I want to thank Thomas for uploading my mod and providing pictures. I have been working on the mod again and a version 2 will be uploaded as soon as I can. I now have full functioning lights and I've made various other tweaks. the only thing really left to do is find a way to stabilize the sprayer and dry box when unattached.
  • Jim


    2016-12-16 18:29
    You guys converting these mods should think before releasing it. Theres a log in your game file for a reason... So you can check it!!! All you guys are doing is screwing up someones game play that has no clue how a mod should work.
  • @smith modding
    2016-12-16 21:18
    Stop wasting ur and our times uploading crap not error free, all it does is make you look like a crap loser modder. It takes hard work and patience, and releasing a mod error free brings great joy to all, but doing it this way is a waste and makes you look very bad. Take your time, we can wait
  • Me


    2016-12-17 16:53
    um smith modding didn't put this on here. I did. smith modding converted it originally and I downloaded a 15 version and used smith modding as an example. so I credited smith modding for the original conversion. his does not have the dry box with it. mine does but isn't working 100%. I am working on it as we speak but with the rude comments I think i'll keep it to myself
  • The deere man
    2017-01-15 08:30
    I've fixed the dry box issues. Can even unhook on the fly if you wanted to.
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-07 11:56
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUkPlulxiMM
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