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John Deere R4050 Sprayer v1.1
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John Deere R4050 Sprayer v1.1

Here is the next version of the John Deere R4050 Sprayer
I decided on 1.1 instead of 2 as it's still the same sprayer just fixed up.
Working lights on the tractor itself.
​No lights on the sprayer or dry box
Everything works great
​Only known issues
Need to drop sprayer on concrete surface for best results to re attach
Need to drop dry box in a field to be able to re attach
​My log is 100% clean with this mod

Smith Modding for converting originally
Me for using Smith Modding's as a reference to convert a version from 15 that included dry box
Thomas for pics

  • Nice
    2016-12-18 12:12
    very good job on the mod needs a little bit more work with tank
  • Try again
    2016-12-18 17:34
    still shit, try again
  • Badass farmer
    2016-12-18 23:21
    Did you fix the nozzle sprayer so you can see fertilizer coming out the nozzles when spraying the crops and fix how quick the boom drops when its lower?????? Once you get things right, it should be a great mod.
  • Bill
    2016-12-19 02:16
    Little better but can for the love of god fix the dry spreader box if have to reset it falls over then its a pain to get it fixed. At lest someone tell how to fix it in the 3di or xml so it can get fixed.
  • John deere
    2016-12-19 03:00
    u need a collision trigger to stop it from falling like it does
  • Ryland
    2016-12-24 07:26
    You need to fix it you fill it up and go to the field when you turn it on it just emptys really fast
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