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John Deere S700 US v1.0.0.0
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John Deere S700 US v1.0.0.0

Hello everyone, here is the John Deere S700 US version!

- John Deere 645 FD
- 2 bulk options
- Original Sound
- 2 options of discharge pipe
- 6 tire options
- 4 engine options (S760, S770, S680 and S690)
- Starfire
- Numbering in the machines
- Custom Harvesting logo

Special thanks to all the Beta testers who tested and reported the errors.
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  • Me


    2018-10-07 19:32
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    It's the same as the other one. Only differences in the two mods is a steering wheel auto adjusts and the stairs do. A longer and different pipe. Different wheel combos. Same combine as the 670/690. Yawn
  • Tony
    2018-10-07 19:51
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    The textures are a mix of high def and blurry textures, it has a chain on the stairs that hangs in mid air, the auger is a weird shape, there is no header trailer. The header itself is pretty much a New Holland, reskinned. This is by no means a breakthrough.
  • Ok


    2018-10-07 23:45
    0 0
    No the header isn't a reskin, it is an actual deere head.I agree with some of the texture issues, but the largest problem is the auger unloading not where it is supposed to if you have the manual unloading mod. It registers the unload far away from the actual unload spot. I fixed this myself, but it is worth noting.
  • Never happy
    2018-10-08 19:53
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    If you fuckers do nothing but complain about the mods you are given don't use them, but until YOU can do better shove it you un-thankful twits
  • Corey
    2018-10-09 09:16
    0 0
    Nice Combine, More Capacity to 125000
  • @corey
    2018-10-09 10:05
    0 0
    Change it yourself cunt, 125000 is unrealistic af
  • Hack of a farmer
    2018-10-10 00:52
    0 0
    Just downloaded.. I'm excited to have a john deere combine. No complaints, I cant do better!
  • Raidman
    2018-10-11 21:25
    0 0
    no headers for the jd combine??? or where can i find them, they are not under headers
  • Spori
    2018-10-14 19:53
    0 0
    DOWNLOADModhub.us (10 Mb)
  • Rob t. madsen (nebraska)
    2018-10-19 20:25
    0 0
    thanks for the mod, works great
  • Epickard
    2018-11-09 01:11
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    can you please update to john deeres new track design in 2019
  • Dangb
    2018-12-27 05:52
    0 0
    Not sure why but after placing in my mod folder I could not see it in the mod list to check it. Thought maybe it was corrupted from bad down load, so I down loaded it again and same thing. Is there any thing I can check to get it to work.
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