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John Deere T Series Official v3.0
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John Deere T Series Official v3.0

The official version V3 with fixes is finally ready to download!
New V3 Changes:
1. Texture Changes, new color, new rims color
2. Dirt and gloss texture changes
3. New attacher rotation (higher), it is easier to put on the cutter trailer
4. Fixed unload system animation from Pipe
5. Changed cameras & lights
6. Fixed cutter trailer attacher (more stable)
7. Michelin tires as a new configuration
8. Fixed markers for models 660 and 670. Now they work correctly.
9. Change of driving physics and steering
10. Added a new corn cutter, John Deere 612C
Important! Removed redundant characters from moddesc so mod should work on dedicated server!
In Pack also John Deere 630R Cutter and suitable trailer!
* All modifications are prohibited!
* Changing the download link is forbidden!

T0bi69, CEAModding, MySQly

  • Terry
    2017-10-08 21:06
    hey thomas the combines want load up something is wrong
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-08 22:37
    mod review here.....................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfvgAL66rko
  • Balfarm
    2017-10-09 23:32
    Will not load.....
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