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John Deere T670i BETA
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John Deere T670i BETA

The Mod consists of:
Combine: John Deere T670i
Cutter: John Deere 630R
Cutter trailer: Zürn TL400
Rape attachment for cutter: Zürn Raps-Profi II
All FS17 functions
Sound from T670i
Exhaust effects
When you turn on the combine, the cutter will not be lowered
Indoor HUD
Rape attachment - for now it has no funktion, only visual(in the final version, rape harvest will be only possible with rape attachment)
Cutter knives are animated

When you find any bugs or have some ideas for the final version, please write a comment or send me a message.
Please, do not change the download link
Download is on uploaded, about ~30min.
I spent on this mod about 250-300 hours(and it will be even more), 4 months of work in my free time.
I know that the download will take a while, but keep in mind that this 30min. are nothing compared to the time spent on this mod. It costs you nothing, you only have to wait a little longer, but in this way you can support the development of this mod.

Modell: MySQly
Textur: MySQly
Script: MySQly
Idee / Konzept: MySQly
Tester: MySQly, orgash

  • Itzstewie
    2017-01-25 13:39
    Need to add a cord header
  • Faelandaea
    2017-01-26 04:13
    What is a cord header? ;)
  • Michaelvegl
    2017-01-26 12:53
    könntest du die arbeitsgeschwindigkeit auf 10 km/h erhöhen bitte weil ich fast alle felder auf der goldcrest valley habe und ich eigentlich deinen mod benutzen möchte
  • Todd
    2017-01-26 17:58
    very nice mod..love the attention to detail..nice mod!!!
  • Blacky
    2017-01-27 11:38
    corn header he is trying say not a cord header
  • Name
    2017-06-17 10:35
    Can you make a new holland cr9.80 which shows everything in the cabin like john deere t670
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