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John Deere v1
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John Deere v1

John Deere pack for thoes that have been waiting
This is a personal conversion and edit of the JD 9630 scaled down to be more realistic and comparable to other in game tractors. I have added wheel configuration options when purchasing (wheel weight option has terra tires). Also, I Americanized it by removing all the Euro signage. Mod is fully washable. Everything works per my testing
Hope you enjoy the mod!
Best Regards,


  • Bob


    2016-12-22 00:14
    You have the .zip file password protected, What is the password? I've been waiting for a nice John Deere Pack.
  • Jakerrr
    2016-12-22 00:14
    The folder is locked and that is honestly stupid, 1) You say extract it when you cant because of it2) I under stand if a original mod author doesn't want their mods stolen to lock them but when you just made a pack of mods you did not originally create locking them is sort of stupid 3) Can you give me the password or upload a unlocked version?
  • Kolchose
    2016-12-22 00:28
    And what is the password
  • Mikey
    2016-12-22 00:38
    whats password
  • Wayne
    2016-12-22 01:05
    thank for the mods men good job and good work
  • Jakerrr
    2016-12-22 01:10
    What the hell are you talking about?!?!!? YOU DIDN'T CREATE MOST OF THESE MODS AND YOU GAVE NO CREDITS! Literally all you are doing is what you are saying not to do I 100% respect mod authors.
  • Jakerrr
    2016-12-22 01:13
    And Guess what you tell us to extract it and we cant we cant use the mods PERIOD! so this is a troll post and thats f'ed up in its self.
  • Erpilas
    2016-12-22 01:16
    How are you going to load the game these mods if they are compressed and with passwords ?? .... I see that it is a waste of time to download it .....
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-22 01:16
    ok people im not going to give the password out but i will give u a hint its a famous mountain lets see if y'all know your history
  • Jokes
    2016-12-22 01:21
    congrats on assembling the largest pile of shit pack known to FS17 so far
  • Yahooooooo
    2016-12-22 01:26
    i got the password its a mountain in the us that people go see i have even seen it
  • Gator
    2016-12-22 01:31
    No issues here .Used the backdoor password from windows .
  • Hmadsen
    2016-12-22 01:32
    pAASSword is 1234
  • Hmadsen
    2016-12-22 01:43
    You cannot get it to work, ya'll need ÆØÅ , the mountain is : ÅlksøænderoverÅen
  • The password is
    2016-12-22 01:45
    its MT Rushmore
  • Hmadsen
    2016-12-22 01:49
    NO ITS NOT , the mountain is : ÅlksøænderoverÅen
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-22 02:06
    HMADSEN u are wrong its MT RUSHMORE
  • Thanks
    2016-12-22 03:37
    Thanks, now we have the password, we can upload it everywhere. READ the Giants license agreement to use the Editor! Once shared it is Giant's property and no one else, and they have world wide rights to it.
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-22 03:45
    i did this on purpose just to show y'all how stupid yall look crying over a mod to a game...yall so called modders and community really need to grow up apparently u can not read the giants agreement in giants editor once u down load it just because u build a mod does not mean u own it
  • Wow.
    2016-12-22 04:10
    It's all over the net now. So I don't know what the big deal is. You don't have to get it from here.
  • Mikey
    2016-12-22 05:17
    that the wrong password
  • Scorpion
    2016-12-22 05:43
    Copenhagen is a PRICK TEASE ! He like to jerkoff !
  • Donnie
    2016-12-22 11:32
    why make a good mod pack and you put a password to it and nobody noes what it is is it mt rushmore its a hell of a mod pack love to have it I'm a jd man thanks let me no what the password is thanks again
  • Erpilas
    2016-12-22 11:40
    The question is that you can not unpack the pack, so you can not place it in the mods folder, it will not load ...
  • Deere hunter
    2016-12-22 12:10
    Thanks for the mod. it looks amasing.
  • Donnie
    2016-12-22 12:35
    deere hunter do you no what the pass word I would like to have if you can give it to send it [email protected] thank you and have a merry Christmas I tried mt rushmore it didn't work
  • Kolchose
    2016-12-22 13:33
  • Hycolake
    2016-12-22 15:02
    its saying this file does not exist, open it up. we all wanna use it. finally a good john deere file.
  • Hycolake
    2016-12-22 15:18
    plz make this were we can dowloand it, esp without passwords. Looks like sum great mods and would like to use them....
  • Mikey
    2016-12-22 16:44
    deere hunter email me the password at [email protected]
  • Shit
    2016-12-22 17:32
    Nicely said mike
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-22 18:14
    I am personally glad he took the link down. He stole other peoples' work, then re-uploads it and tries (and fails) to claim that he converted it when I have personally already done mod reviews on literally every vehicle in those screenshots. Most of them failed, and were riddled with errors in addition to being really ugly machines. Best to leave the uploading to actual mod authors. I am hoping this one never uploads again, as I wish to wait for quality mods to review.
  • Hmadsen
    2016-12-22 19:05
    I SAID "NO ITS NOT , the mountain is : ÅlksøænderoverÅen" ---- Liked the reply.....LMAO IDIOTS!
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-22 20:41
    ok guys i will upload it again this time it will have no password i see a lot of people want john deere @FAELANDAEA u say the mods have errors well i will show u how stupid u are for saying that
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-23 03:03
    No ... no ... you won;t. And among the MANY errors in this mod, most likely the biggest one is, well, you. But, I do appreciate your little banter here. This joke of an upload made for some entertaining conversation on the stream tonight.No thanks are necessary for the kindness and wonderful evaluation I gave in being honest about your person :) You may now carry on.
  • Cummins01
    2018-08-18 02:40
    idiots dont ask for passwords LMBO!
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