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RES1CUE v1.0.0.0
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RES1CUE v1.0.0.0

How does it feel trash not my mods just helping a friend who is lost ;)
Funtion: Velocity Rescue
Power: 350
Dailyupkeep: 55
Brand: BRUSH
Category: fire_trucks
Author: Chiefromney


  • Localcop
    2018-11-02 16:47
  • Miller
    2018-11-02 17:29
    Your a twat and have already been reported to fb by many people have fun bitchboy!! Local cop lmao this is a game giants owns this shit bitch Fuck you gay boy!
  • Localcop
    2018-11-02 18:17
    this is not miller i have handed my case over to the feds and you as well as many groups have been reported Mr Miller has been reported to have a zero contact with you guys. You guys just dont no when to stop now you gone to far.
  • Rescue992
    2018-11-02 18:20
    whoever uploaded this mod you have been REPRTED so good luck
  • Logger2018
    2018-11-02 20:57
    Why are you young fellas bitching, there is nothing that can be done, I can guarantee the FBI won't do diddly for a copy write infringment because someone leaked a mod, get over it.
  • Chris7727
    2018-11-02 21:55
    lol how does it feel little boy..eye for an eye and making accusations to people that could ruin their life....its a game and fed wont do shit its giants copyright so unless they are here saying something than kick rolc sand also the name change is comical hahaha
  • Maximus45
    2018-11-03 15:29
    salut mods a chier impossible de l' acheter ou le louer a revoir
  • @localcop
    2018-11-07 05:31
    lets see here I dunno where in the fuck you went to law school at, but if my brain thinks right all of us would have got some type of paperwork either in the mail or delivered to us in person and with having a degree in Law Enforcement I can tell you right now I got nothing and still waiting on paperwork when to threaten to sue people for downloading Jesse mods that he did a skin on.
  • Aynonoumous
    2018-11-14 16:52
    you all are a bunch of idiots bitching of little things like someone uploading mods why don't you all grow up or go back to preschool like a bunch of crybaby bitches
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