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Jorans Farm Transport Pack v1.0
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Jorans Farm Transport Pack v1.0

Extra trucks for the Joran´s Farm map. This includes diverend skinns and diverend trucks. A must have if you play Joran´s Farm. The final version is out now to download from the website.

Joran: ideas and wishes (without him this map wouldn’t be made)

-Luca : the website brain and tester

-Bruce Smith : made the guide for the map

-Ronny Sell: testing

-Billy_boyd42 : testing

-Neale green: testing

-Farmer Klein: Youtube introduction
-Nick the Hick: Youtube introduction
-Rudeman53: Youtube introduction

The specials:

Tielbeke Transport en Warehousing
Fly and Food
De Koperen Hoogte
Biesebosch Truckwash
BGS Niedersachsen GmbH
Profis am Werk GmbH
Van der Vlist Transportgroup

Credits: where I learned from get mods from and such

-bdbssb (mods and help)

-shywizard ( mods and help)

-farmer Andy (mods)

-gtx Andy(mods)

-kevink98 (scripts)

-igor29381 (script for the trailer and some buildings)

-blacksheep – rc-devil (scripts)

-jolydodger (utility van)

And a big thank you to all modders of buildings and stuff

Without all these people I couldn’t build a map.


  • Tazziczech
    2018-11-05 08:34 Send message
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    skvělá mapa !!!!!!!!!!!! Díky za ni
  • Willers
    2018-11-05 13:30 Send message
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    This is a part of the ATC Vehicle Pack build by Alfredix from the LS-Modcompany : https://ls-modcompany.com/filebase/file/121-atc-vehicle-pack/There are no Credits for his work, he modded this Pack noone else!! So don´t speak of "Respect" if you can´t give the right Credit´s!Shame on you!!!
  • Ncraiders
    2018-11-16 01:20 Send message
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    I have no clue who uploaded this mod to this site. I apologize to the mod ATC creator and all others that contributed to the original mod. Sadly I have no control on what info was used for this upload but i am trying to find the uploader to get this info edited to the correct credits. I will use the comments to post the credits that should of been used that are pulled form the mod desc. It will take a couple of comments tho to do it since there is a word limit on posts.
  • Ncraiders
    2018-11-16 01:21 Send message
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    CreditsOriginal ATC PackConcept AlfredixModels AlfredixTesting Alfredix, meerstonk, mach1-andy, farmerfivetom, legolas2905Schemas V8BolleSoundMixers meerstonk 8x8SemiHD Truck sounds SmlehliW 10x10 TGS Chassis
  • Ncraiders
    2018-11-16 01:22 Send message
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    SoundScout ralfrhoen Truck sound videoScripts ifko[nator addStoreCategory, AddConfig Xentro dynamic Hoses HoT Team UAL Blacky_BPG Zulassungsscript, HotspotFix GtX LightExtension, RealCab Martin Fabik (aka LoogleCZ) NoSmokeNoFun modelleicher newExhaustEffects
  • Ncraiders
    2018-11-16 01:23 Send message
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    Model sources GTX Drawbar for TSDH trailers Decals for Cab interior and additional signal lights AR Flatbed Gnescher original AR Pack PhillipDeutz Trailerachse GIANTS MAN TGS 18.480 kastor paletten fillplanes for frigdesEinbauHilfen meerstonk Korrekter Einbau von NoSmokeNoFun, newExhaustEffects
  • Ncraiders
    2018-11-16 01:24 Send message
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    Joran's Farm Rework Ncraiders Removed unnecessary parts from the original ATC pack. Added brand texture options to the store. Got working with Show Cargo Units script. Maverick74 Created the textures used on the truck and trailers. igor29381 ShowCargoUnits Script ls-for-ever Selectable Script
  • Rolam
    2018-11-17 10:55 Send message
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    All the credits for this pack can be found on the website. www.joransfarm.com
  • Adrien
    2019-01-24 13:25
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