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K744R4 Premium v2.6
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K744R4 Premium v2.6

Max. power - 428 hp. Max. the speed is 30 km / h. Opens the hood, IC (door, chandeliers, computer, interior lighting), speedometers, tachometers, fuel meters, electric. machine hours, el. hours, el. flowmeter, el. cruise control, transmission / travel indicators, passenger, adjustable mirrors / chair / hinged, purchased optics / box / mudguards / counterweight / shovel (6000 l adjustable angle and skew), 6 wheel types, realistic exhaust, dynamic connection, animation (ignition key, keys, joystick, steering column, pedals, fans, cardan). Washable Lighting Technology Leaves traces Flies dust from under the wheels.

voiyka_13, Aluha74rusĀ 

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