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Kamaz 53212 + Czap 8357 v2.1
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Kamaz 53212 + Czap 8357 v2.1

I present you the new version 53212, tried to leave a more or less old appearance (by colors), a lot of work was done on it, namely:
- the replacement of the cabin (the new one weighs less, it means there will be less to load the game);
- section of the frame (for mounting the suspension);
- animation of the suspension (on kamaze and on the trailer);
- dynamic hoses;
- mudguards added;
- complete baking of models;
- new headlight;
- a new kind of wheels;
- added numbers;
- cleaned the file of garbage
- The log is clean.

Authors: _Kolia_ (Kolya Mashevsky) Diman163 (Dmitry Sakharchuk).

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