Farming simulator 2019 mods
Kamaz 5460 + Kogel Semi Trailer v1.0
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Kamaz 5460 + Kogel Semi Trailer v1.0

Fixed play of the rear right wheel. (Spun harder)
In the store now when choosing the engine
displays the power of the selected engine.
Total we have 3 engine options (296, 360 and 420 hp)
Well, hung up the numbers. Where do without them

Replaced wheels.
Removed reflections from the frame, wings, tank and other parts.
Fixed external camera. (the camera is now as standard)
Migrated engines
+ Added KAMAZ-740-50 engine (360 hp)
Total 3 engines to choose from when buying in the store.

Truck fully adapted
under the mod Gear Box (mod on the gearbox)
Real gear ratios of ZF16S 151 gearbox are assigned for each gear. Now the truck has a 16-speed gearbox (16 forward gears and 2 reverse gears)
If you are playing without a gear box, then there’s nothing wrong with a truck that works fine without it.

- Price: 26,600 €;
- Maintenance cost per day: 100 €;
- Engine selection (3 options);
- Choice of cabin color;
- The choice of design (cabin with a spoiler and without);
- Doors open; (num7,9)
- Animated mud flaps;
- Animation of the propeller shaft;
- Suspension animation
- Working light engineering;
- Working dashboard;
- Working mirrors;
- Adjust the mirrors with the mouse
- leaves traces of the wheels;
- It gets dirty and washes.

Kögel semi-trailer
Boards open, (mouse)
Getting dirty
Working lighting,
The tent is put away
Fully loading bales, rolls, pallets, pallets,
also transports additional crops from the Gifts of the Caucasus card.

artemich, kot_games17, Mouse

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