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Kamaz 6350 v1.0.0.1
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Kamaz 6350 v1.0.0.1

In the pack comes Kamaz crane and onboard. Onboard 2 species. One standard culture is transported, the other is adapted for a card. SibAgroCom can perform all that can gas 66 from the card. Transportation of products, seeding. In the store it is called Kamaz spets. Every Kamaz has a winch. Boards can be opened through the interactive menu. The hood cover and doors open. The body is closed with a tent. For the crane in the set there is a traverse in the form of a hook. Is in the section is different. Traverse when the trailer visually disappears. The button Z turns and folds the lines. Almost all the machines and equipment are clinging to it. Likewise, with the help of straps, pallets hold pallets and bags.
Archive must be unpacked
-Fixed brand traverse.
The log is clean.

Eraevgenij, KTO-TOTUTZDES, --=Wolf=--, Максим Кокарев

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    how can i lift the tractor i do not know how it will succeed if anyone can help.?..
  • Wtcrouch
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    i am having the same problem i cant get the crane to lift any tractor or bags for that matter
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