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Kamaz 65806-002-68 GearBox v2.2.0
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Kamaz 65806-002-68 GearBox v2.2.0

Fixed moddesk and xml
Caps returned.
When choosing a design now you can see what you are buying.
Added a bit of shine to the cabin.
Removed reflections from the wings.
Added numbers
Also the truck is fully adapted.
under the mod Gear Box (mod on the gearbox)
Real gear ratios of the ZF 16S 2220 gearbox are registered for each gear. Now the truck has a 16-speed gearbox (16 forward gears and 2 reverse gears)
If you are playing without a gear box, then there’s nothing wrong with a truck that works fine without it.
Engine power - 428 l.c.
When buying a choice of colors available cab and drive.
The choice of design (spoiler, hood.).
600 liter tank.
The price is 118,000 (on day 95).
Farmer hand animation.
Animated suspension.
Working lighting, mirrors and dashboard.
Soiled and washed.
Replaced some textures.

_Kolia_, Diman163 fix

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    The price is 118,000 (on day 95). What the ???
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