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Kamov Ka-26 v1.0
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Kamov Ka-26 v1.0

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Kamov Ka-26 agriculture helicopter.

Rush, Silak_68, werik, SPRush, Silak_68, werik, SP

  • Guest
    2017-04-24 17:03 Send message
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    can you make this helicopter go faster
  • Ghost047
    2017-04-24 20:28 Send message
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    Hi I downloaded this helicopter, it worked fine. then when I put fertilizer in it and started to go over my fields it froze the game. It worked great till that happen, and if you can make it so it goes a bit faster that would be cool too. I have a lot of your mods I love them. Keep up the good work !
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-04-25 08:13 Send message
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    Still Does Not Work :-(
  • Lambocomm
    2017-04-26 04:32 Send message
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    I made an update, it was in the free game pile, It should be approved soon.
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