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Kaweco 4-Axis Turbotanker LiquidManure-Barrel v1.0
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Kaweco 4-Axis Turbotanker LiquidManure-Barrel v1.0

Hi there,
today we give you the Kaweco 4-Axis Turbotanker LiquidManure-Barrel
It's compatibel with the default slurry cultivator and the Horsch 36m trailing hose.
It should work with all other 3-point extensions as well, but is untested

what's been done?
3-axis-barrel from Bjohn14 rebuilt in Maya to 4-Axis (thanks for permission)
default slurrysystem included
adjusted system for 3-Point-extensions
adjusted wheel configuration
adjusted textures
fillvolume: 40.000L
diverse small things

have fun while testing and throwing slurry ;)

Bjohn14, 820Power LS, BauerThomasDD, HoT online Team

  • Guest
    2018-10-26 18:25 Send message
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    So glad I found this on another site with a direct download, instead of using uploaded.net. Seriously, why does anyone even bother with uploaded.net anymore? All using uploaded.net does is guarantees that anyone downloading will use another link. Once it gets uploaded to one site, it's everywhere, and with various, usually far better links. So anyone who wants people to use original links, use a site other than uploaded. It's literally the worst.
  • Tim121672
    2018-10-28 22:56 Send message
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  • Faelandaea
    2018-10-31 22:11 Send message
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    Looked great until i saw ul.to. This means this is a spam infested virus bait click and is not a valid mod at all. Passing indefinitely.
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