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Kaweco Double Twin Shift Package v1.0
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Kaweco Double Twin Shift Package v1.0

The Kaweco Double Twin Shift is the most professional way to inject your manure. The Double Twin Shifts make themselves indispensable by their huge volume, filling capacity, capacity, maneuverability and their well thought-through chassis.
Price: 103700 €
Max. working speed: 20 kph
Capacity: 14000 l
Maintenance: 80 € / day

Required Mods:
- Hose System (By: Wopster and Xentro)

Wopster, Xentro, Niggels and Katsuo

  • Faelandaea
    2018-03-19 22:35 Send message
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    Thanks for this.
  • @faelandaea
    2018-03-21 22:33 Send message
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    You know these are all on Giants modhub - I cannot see why anyone would download from this poaching leeching parasitic website and make Thomas money for never having made a mod in his life. Support the real modder and download from Giants Modhub
  • Faelandaea
    2018-04-03 09:04 Send message
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    Sure ... when the Giants Mod Hub gets up to my professional standard for download speed, which it never will. Third world dial up is faster than Giants. For those of us who actually have a job and a life and do not wish to wait for hours for a simple file to download, this site will do fine. :)
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