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Kemper 360 Plus v1.0
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Kemper 360 Plus v1.0

I once made a Kemper 360 from the Lacotec cultivation chipper.
What was done?
Made for hackle bit
Changed decals
Feed animation created
Bite made foldable
Road protection grown which automatically disappears when unfolding.
Support feet grown
Note: It does not work on every Häcklser, best is the New Holland FR850 geigner, but it can also be a Claas Häcklser be used.
At the denture must be brought up straight, if you do not do it may be that it can not be coupled.
Hope you have fun with it.

Giants Software, Lukas2002

  • Stearaz
    2018-09-23 18:18
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    SVP vous pouvez faire une ensileuse claas jaguar 695
  • Stearaz
    2018-09-23 18:19
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    bon mode! :)
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