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Kendle Farm v1.0
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Kendle Farm v1.0

Welcome to Kendle Farm, a small map with 19 fields.
3 arables, the rest of them are meadows. You have three yards at the beginning, 1 arable 1 cow and 1 sheep yard. You can sell your bales at the stables or at the sell point.

- This map includes some FS17 features.
- 3 separate farms , 2 storage farms and 1 sell points.
- Livestock market.
- Tip collisions in some of the barns
- Muck out your cattle sheds to keep them clean.
- Animated gates, doors, and lights.


  • Rubb
    2017-05-19 01:57
    I can reverse the life traffic ? I dont like england traffic ..(sorry my bad inglish)
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