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Kenworth Feed Truck
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Kenworth Feed Truck

I edited this truck for you to use on your farm to feed your animals. I fixed the Kenworth t800 (replaced emmissiveadditive and emmissivebillboard shaders), stretched the frame out, moved the rear axle back, removed trailer tongue from feed mixer, added the feed mixer to the truck, made and added rear fenders, and added beacons.

Richwoodrocket (Fix errors, add feeder), Truck: Anpaes,Rambow145 Feeder: CDModelz

  • Dude
    2017-02-15 16:35
    Beacons spin way too fast...
  • Joe


    2017-02-16 03:51
    Hey Ben Kempa, there actually is a great feed-truck for FS 17, its made by Dietz Modding, it's a real American version. it also blows your hacked up version out of the water.
  • Rob


    2017-02-16 08:29
    Yeah good luck finding. that guy rarely releases anything
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-16 21:02
    works well for me, no issues.
  • @rob
    2017-02-17 03:14
    Hey Rob maybe he would release more of his mods, if the community wasn't such D-bags and would respect the modders, and there time put into there mods. He's not the only one that has a hard time releasing things anymore. A lot of big name modders have ether quit or gave up on public releases all together.
  • Bigal
    2017-02-21 01:29
    What a bunch of snobs, no wonder nobody uploads anything. They work so hard on this stuff in there own free time and then they get crucified for sharing it with the world.. for free. I wish I could tell all the modders thanks. I wish I knew of a site where I could pay the people that actually make them for there work. I would happily because this game would be nothing without them.
  • Rchwdrckt
    2017-02-25 17:53
    Thanks Bigal :)
  • John4961
    2017-03-02 23:52
    Well said Bigal, these arseholes are quick to slate these mods, but never produce themselves.
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