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Hello everyone, this mod from version 15 simulator, basically what is in it, lighting,dust from under the wheels,traces!the choice of color is not present, since is not person important!

Autor:Giants,Author:convert Budda!

  • Budda
    2016-11-21 17:55
    Log Clear!))))
  • Budda
    2016-11-21 20:00
    you would eblo his pulled into the pipe, NIT, I know that I have not modeled this truck, you eblo cotton, authors not originally written, you fart thing!
  • Jim


    2016-11-22 00:51
    Very nice. I see the Trolls didn't take long to start there shit. Never could understand internet badass's. Maybe one day they will learn there little potty mouths will be washed out by aids!!
  • Popolvuh
    2016-11-22 10:23
    Why do you yell at this guy. He made the cover of this truck. Yes. He did not create it. But he pointed it`s authors in moddesk file.
  • Jim


    2016-11-22 14:53
    The above comments just shows and proves what Lack of intelligence is. Maybe one day they will let God in there hearts and ask for forgiveness and except Christ as there Lord and savior...... Romans 10:13 For* whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
  • Guest
    2016-11-22 16:37
    ALL the above comments just show no matter what we have in FS the bullshit will always follow and continue with it. this community will never improve. it's a shame the hay days of modding were back in 11 and 13 before the children came into the community. with the knowledge some of these modders have this game could be great for everyone. leave it to the kids to ruin it for everyone.
  • Wow


    2016-11-27 08:21
    Religion is the biggest downfall in humanity. It was created to keep order in a time of chaos. Nothing more, nothing less. Used to keep people in line with what others believed to be proper. Don't bring your bullshit here and keep your religion to yourself...
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