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Kenworth T800 Sleeper v1.0
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Kenworth T800 Sleeper v1.0

This and extreme edit that i have done on this model (i do not take credit for the model) i take all credit for scripting and some modeling.

Fuct'D Modding very own Eric A. Smith

  • Guest
    2017-01-16 14:52
    finally a vehicle with no error's, very nice job!! but have one favor to ask, could you upload a version where the paint is not so bright, i have a decent system, amd six core, 16 gigs ram and biggest nvidia graffic's card i could get for the mb, but your paint makes it studderrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Rolam
    2017-01-16 18:12
    No errors??????? It shows up in the store yes but if you buy it you wait like 5 minutes and have to start the gave all over again.
  • Fuctd modding
    2017-01-16 18:16
    @rolam take out light addon mod!
  • Rolam
    2017-01-16 18:19
    sorry I took out this mod. All others work fine with the light addon.
  • Fuctd modding
    2017-01-16 18:23
    as for the paint i have a gtx 960m an run on very high and get minimum 80 fps
  • Fuctd modding
    2017-01-16 18:24
    this mod had belv31 causes conflict with light addon
  • Brandon
    2017-01-17 00:31
    shows up in shop but cant buy it. @ FUCTD MODDING how you get 80 fps? i have gtx 1070 superclocked with i7 6700k and still cant break 61 fps
  • ^^^^^^
    2017-01-17 01:02
    Same here man. I run 60 all day long. Never seen it go up one time past that.
  • Brandon
    2017-01-17 01:06
    just learned the the game is locked at 60 by default, working on unlocking now
  • Brandon
    2017-01-17 01:18
    got it. now at 130 FPS gotta enable develpor tools and disable frame rate limiter. but still cant get this truck to work
  • Farmer bob
    2017-01-17 01:34
    Typical truck from these jokers....The mod picture looks awesome but then either the mod doesn't purchase from the shop correctly, the case here, or after finally getting it in and then trying to use it there are so many problems with it that you wonder why you downloaded yet another piece of trash from crybaby modding....Yall should seriously go back to 15 and stay there, this is trash at best.
  • Mdsprints
    2017-01-17 02:08
    Farmer Bob, don't be a hater just because you cant read the above comments and cant get it to work. Out of 890 downloads you are the only one that its not working and that its trash. I see that's a pretty good mod with that many downloads and a couple of people having issues. Did you ever think maybe the problem is you? Maybe its the fact you run a low end pc. I have it and it works just fine on my end and no errors, so I'm thinking your being a hater and bashing because its a Fuct'D mod.
  • Fuctd
    2017-01-17 02:19
    thats awesome farmer bob.. you my friend are going full blown retard ---- 1st off why hide behind a bullshit name? 2nd are you mad that you cant even come close to doing the work i can do? 3 is it my fault i build extreme mods that your girly ass pc cant handle?
  • Mdsprints
    2017-01-17 03:38
    Andrew at least he doesn't steal mods and claim it his, he lets everyone know whos mod it was and what errors he fixed.
  • Its ok
    2017-01-17 06:01
    nice truck just need to get rid of the stupid mudflaps
  • Triggered
    2017-01-17 06:27
  • Getsalty45
    2017-01-17 08:59
    def a mod id like to see come out for consoles but only if they would give us a damn map with all animals in one place and wider roads that the lowboy wont hang up on everytime id be happy and no conplaints id have i love the game i love this mod looks sweet maybe see about making a cattle pot that will haul 40 to 50 cows
  • Lbjmodding
    2017-01-17 12:10
    I wish I could mod half as good as Fuct'd....instead I have to steal money through my Patreon account from retards who support my shitty modding.
  • @lbjmodding
    2017-01-17 20:20
    grow up son acting childish is just making u look stupid
  • Its me
    2017-01-17 21:13
    If people can not mod a normal truck than don´t upload it. It is stupid that you have to take other mods down to be able to use this one. All other mods don´t have a problem with the addon only this. Therefor don´t download and wait for a better version. No need to call names. If you think you can do a better job than do so....... I think its a nice try but needs a lot of work. Keep going on
  • @fuctd modding
    2017-01-17 21:50
    i cant believe people get butt hurt / salty over a mod to a farming game 99% of them is on welfare probably and the other half have no life Sept to cry over a mod ...those cant make it in the real world...
  • Iceman
    2017-01-17 23:52
    this truck cuases lag in my ded server.chrome is messed up on it.when im around other people in it they stutter bad and we dont have no light mods.please teast your shit before posting it .it has 5 issues and the paint was one of them
  • Fuctd
    2017-01-18 02:23
    @iceman sorry you have issues.. i dont build stuff for other peoples servers and shit i build what works on my LAPTOP and share them when im finished with them.. again i build for myself so like someone said if it does suit your needs delete it and wait for the next truck
  • Guest
    2017-01-18 06:23
    is this the one with the tag or the one with out the tag on?
  • @fuctd modding
    2017-01-18 07:46
    Put the money your mouth is you don´t very far you stupid ass. They should bann you from here with the things you write.
  • John holland
    2017-01-18 07:49
    He FUCTD how old are you 12? You can not be much older...... is your diaper dry........
  • Fuctd modding
    2017-01-18 12:04
    yall crack me up.. keyboard warrior's..
  • Fuctd modding
    2017-01-18 12:06
    is it me or does it seem the negative comments are from butthurt people? (prolly because they got booted from my group)
  • David brock
    2017-01-18 16:18
    there just hateing becuse its a great truck i love it keep up the good work
  • Jim bob jo mama
    2017-01-18 21:39
    They hating beat em down Fuctd!!!! Bout that dozer and trail :0 ineed that shit!!! Keep on killing it bro!!!!
  • Vosh
    2017-01-22 07:26
    Well it is a nice truck, great model, and the chrome is nicely done.Unfortunately it suffers from a lack of torque and it's got those stupid ricer purple headlights, DOT would nail this truck as soon as the sun went down.Nice trailer queen though.
  • Aaron dearth
    2017-01-25 04:05
    what a load of shit
  • Jake32
    2017-01-25 04:09
    i love browsing the american mods as you get the good compliments then you get the bad. Great truck FUCTD i be happy to download and introduce into my game Thank you
  • Guest
    2017-02-05 23:41
    Where did you get the livestock and lowboy trailers.
  • Gasmonkey5
    2017-03-09 02:49
    what is that lowboy called
  • Bob


    2017-05-12 12:38
    GASMONKEY5 http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/fontaine-magnitude-55hh-v1-0-0/ that is the link
  • Dew


    2018-11-17 10:07
    thats because eric at fuctd modding is a faggot pile of spic shit..he steals mods and claims them as his...he dont know his ass from his dick...y his mods are garbage
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