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Kenworth T880 and Trailers v1.0
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Kenworth T880 and Trailers v1.0

Kenworth T880 Log truck and Arctic pole trailer
Arctic B Train log trailers (has issues with lights)

Canadian FM / RJK, SeriousMods, Tex57MM (as per xmls)

  • Waterboy
    2017-09-05 02:22
    download says truck and Arctic pole trailer?where is Arctic pole trailer
  • @waterboy
    2017-09-05 06:53
    there are 3 downloads you have to get all 3 of them
  • Lol


    2017-09-05 09:25
    Waterboy you retard, learn to read. Clearly say to download all 3 files.
  • Waterboy
    2017-09-05 18:21
    I see a post for (1) ARCTIC LOG TRAILER V1.0 and (2) Kenworth T880 Log truck and Arctic pole trailer. Where is post for (3) Arctic pole trailer?
  • Waterboy
    2017-09-05 18:25
    OK I am retarded. Just downloaded all three downlods.
  • Blaze
    2017-09-06 22:15
    non of them is the pole trailer
  • Okie
    2018-02-26 19:31
    anyone else find that it disappears from the savegame if you buy the pole trailer? it conflicts with other mods, or is it just me?
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