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Kenworth T880 Tilt-Tray v1
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Kenworth T880 Tilt-Tray v1

Kenworth T880 Tilt-Tray, models made by Custom Modding and Woodmeadow modding brought together by TORK Modding.
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Enjoy it!

Custom Modding, Woodmeadow, TORK

  • Kdv


    2017-07-03 17:22 Send message
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    Any chance of this being turned into an auto-load truck? Bales/crates/etc.?
  • Austen2002
    2017-07-04 06:09 Send message
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    Can u get the viecle to move because i cant get it to moveEmail me at [email protected]
  • Okcustoms
    2017-07-04 12:19 Send message
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    if it doesnt move or work, get rid off Light add-on mod, and autoload might be in v2
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