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Kenworth t880 v2 and v3 pack v1.0.0.2
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Kenworth t880 v2 and v3 pack v1.0.0.2

Hello guys here i have my another kw t880 dump truck this one is v2 and v3

v2 has 2 color options for the cab and a single color bed with lots of lights on the side  it also has the addConfig.lua script whitch is for the lightbars there 4 lightbar options and i based the mods on a 2018 kenworth t880 dump truck off google and watching a youtube video links to video is listed  and the truck has a spread option so you can tailgate your load and a option for just dumping

v3 has the same as v2 but with a color bed and a color truck both trucks have been tested and approved by my testing team

the mod is a rar file so you will need to extract it with 7zip or winzip  and open open extract both files to mods and your all set to go

by the way if you dont like the size of the mod oh well get over it.

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  • Pierce2019
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    also forgot to add that the bed is also from ats
  • Pierce2019
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    i found a issue with the lights not turning on for the cab for the truck v3 so there will be a link in the comments
  • Letton farm!!!!
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    Letton Farm...... Need to make link.......
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