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Kenworth T908 v1
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Kenworth T908 v1

today i publish the aussie kenworth t908. tis is not my mod i just converted it and added lots of power and speed!
original authors=ATS/ERIC


  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-23 23:20 Send message
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    what a piece of shit mod, looks nothing like the one in the pic, got white trucks & only got the right drive one painted red/white with aluminum textures no chrome. i only got the one with the cattle guard on it is all, wanted the other one.
  • Paul
    2017-04-16 05:44 Send message
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    it steers like a pig like on paper thin tyres and the physics are wrong like in even back in fs15 should be stiff as a board and where is the wide steers-super singles for paddock work In real life scenarios and not an off set wont do either where's the ATS original ?
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