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Keyboard Steer v2.2.0.0
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Keyboard Steer v2.2.0.0

This script varies depending on the speed, the steering speed, the return speed (autoRotateBackSpeed) and the maximum steering angle.

Changelog v2.2
- New settings UI
- Compatible with GPS mod

It also rotates the camera to match the steering the moving direction.
All functions can also be off again, with the following keys:

[Shift Left + C]: Moving Camera on / off, default is on
[Shift Left + E]: Adaptive steering on / off, default is on
[Shift Left + R]: Look backwards on / off, default is on
[Ctrl Left + E]: increase sensitivity
[Ctrl Left + C]: lower sensitivity
[Ctrl Left + W]: increase thorttle limiter
[Ctrl Left + A]: decrease thorttle limiter
[Alt Left]: slower steering and no auto rotate back
[Shift Right + Cursor]: look forward, backwards, left right

Changelog v2.1:
- Bugfix infinite rotation in MP
- Bugfix tractor with reverse driving like Fendt 900 Vario or Valtra
- Adjusted steering for better control above 50 km/h
- Thorttle limiter with default 80%


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