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Kirovets K-700A v1.0.0.0
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Kirovets K-700A v1.0.0.0

Kirovets K-700A is an oldfashioned russian tractor. It was used to transport rocket for the russian army. But with its 220 hp the Kirovets K-700A is also a famous farming tractor.

Price: 78000 €
Max. power: 220 hp
Max. speed: 30 kph
Maintenance: 420 € / day
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Kirovets
Category Tractor
Author SFM-Modding feat. bm-modding
Size 12.09 MB
Released 25.11.2016

SFM-Modding feat. bm-modding

  • Cheezman
    2016-11-26 17:15
    I'm not sure precisely which Kirovets is the one featured in the in game modhub for Farm Sim 2017, but the one on there is broken with the hired worker. Its like they don't know how to operate an articulated tractor. They over correct and end up just swerving back and forth in a field.
  • Tovarish
    2016-11-28 23:53
    unworkable with gps mod :(
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