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Kleinhau FS2017 v1.2.1.0
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Kleinhau FS2017 v1.2.1.0

Continue my Father's legacy on our old farm.

-Recreated Navmesh and Ground collision maps

- adjusted field boundaries
- adjusted height of bunker silo triggers
- adjusted position of wool sell trigger point to avoid colliding with barn roof
- moved the 2 lost golden nuggets so they now show on the PDA
- further adjusted bunker silo walls, they still leak but minamally. Giants cannot help further.
- Added signs to the quarry for large vehicles
- added names to credits

Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Jinxed Creations
Category Map
Author Hiijinx
Size 459.16 MB
Released 05.04.2017
Platform PC/MAC


  • Fast2012
    2017-04-06 18:44
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    hi great map there is something wrong with one of the silo bunker on main farm cos the game crashes every time i try to reset vehicle from it thanks
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