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Kleinhau v1.1
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Kleinhau v1.1

Continue my Father's legacy on our old farm.

Set in the rugged Hurtgen Forest there is plenty of forestry work to do, if you have the equipment tough enough for the job.
- 96 Fields
- 4km Map Size
- 50% Forest Area
- Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens
- Pedestrian/Traffic
- Golden Nuggets (SP)
- Missions (SP)
Changes in

- Added more Wood and Hay sell points (The sawmill will still pay the best price for logs - the "dropoff" points will include a small transport fee.
- Improved FPS performance
- Fixed Barn prices
- Field definitions adjusted to try and improve worker performance
- More silage clamps - a total of 19 overall now
- The Wind turbine works again
- The Quarry now pays slightly more to cover the increased distance
- Water can no longer be driven underneath
- Revamped equipment on farm/layout
- Vehicle reset point is now on the farm
- Fields can now be weeded
- Photoboards now include German
- Corrected mission start points (SP)
- Added Golden Nuggets to collect (SP)
- More history/photo signs to discover
- Cow mess planes now in the correct place
- Adjusted silage collisions so hopefully no more spillage
- A few little extras…

Author: Hiijinx

  • Palmer1965
    2017-02-12 00:25
    Very nice map, can only find 99 nuggets 100 does not show on mini map.
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