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Klingenbach SEASON READY v1.0.0
2 3 0 1961

Klingenbach SEASON READY v1.0.0

1 large yard with cereal storage (no standard silo at the farm)
1 contractor farm
1 external warehouse (standard silo)
3 large sales stations (agricultural trade, grain mill, grain trade)
3 smaller sales stations
1 big BGA with 4 wedge silos
many economic cycles
2 villages
1 sawmill
4 species of animals (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens)
Standard Fruit
plus rye, spelled, millet, triticale and oats
3 large and 4 smaller realistic designed forest areas
31 fields and 8 meadows

Economic cycles of SVAPA Agro (empty pallet production, dairy, butcher, …)
2 septic tanks 1 each installed in the two villages
BuyOnSiloTrigger on the land trade (purchasable goods)
Sewage treatment plant for fertilizers and compost production
Seed production at the LU farm
Fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and seed storage at the farm
Scales with statistics function
Fillable tank farm at the yard, external warehouse and at the LU-Hof
Dynamic planning at all points of sale and at the external storage silo
Milk must be sold by yourself
Dairy sale at the dairy
extractable cow and pigsty
Beet and potato storage at the main courtyard
Pig feed mixer at the farm for the production of pig feed
Hose System Ready (Wopster)

Giants Software GmbH, Map by: skydiver2103 [FBM Team] More credits see spoiler below

  • Willam
    2017-11-06 23:12
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Game crashes during start up. Uninstalled FS17 after saving the mods I wanted to keep, restarted and everything was fine. Reinstalled mods I saved and crashed again. Found more in mods folder from this mod. Deleted ALL mods and had to uninstall and reinstall again to get FS17 to work again.
  • Olivier
    2017-11-06 23:17
    Bonsoir,trés belle map j adore,aucun beug et pourtant je joue depuis 2009 donc je sais de quoi je parles quand je dis tres belle map,merci a vous
  • Topgun
    2017-11-08 19:09
    Deux maps qui retient mon intentions, c'est celle-ci et HoT online Farm 2K17 Lite V1.01.Tout deux super bien complète et très belle maps pour les deux !Bravo.
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