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Klingenbach - Season Ready v1.2.0
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Klingenbach - Season Ready v1.2.0

V 1.2.0
* Workshop installed at the yard
* 10N entries fixed
* Fixed trouser-point on the cows
* Fixed floating barns on the pigs
* Map size further reduced to 817 MB

Fixed floating trees
* Grasses between F4 & 5 removed due to pooling
* extended floor angle installed (use with standard helper compass)
* Fixed field bumps
* GMK-Script version renewed (problem with the meadow fertilize)
* Performance noticeably improved (even the smallest objects adjusted)
* Wooden storage at the crane at the sawmill and at the empty pallet production installed (thanks to Oimel for the tip)
* Spawnpunkt of berry sales and grain trade fixed
* Dynamic planning removed again (problem with factory script)
* Liquid fertilizer can now be bought at the land trade
* BGA all-rounders at the gate open
* ClipDistance of individual boards adjusted by the sawmill and reduced quantity produced
* parking car offset (pedestrians ran through)
* Animation Silotrigger fixed by bone meal during meat processing (too high)
* 47 Fixed error messages on the Dedi server (thanks to Andre from the LPG Schwarze Pumpe)
* Wood chips pile at the sawmill increased to 30,000L capacity
* Empty pallet increased to 8000l per pallet
* Rebuilt lumber mills at the sawmill (to work with the wheel loader)
* Trees slightly offset in fields 1 & 2 (helper problem)
* Unloading point at the grain trade fixed (shovel trigger too high) Thanks to Leo;)
* Missing barriers at the 2 driveways installed at the sawmill
* Field drivings created on some fields
* Added and created signage at the dairy's dispatch (Thanks to Hagen233 for the tip)
* Courtyard driveway a little bit straightened
* more details

PDF manual is in progress, too little time ...

Required mods:
Kotte Universal Pack Administrator Nov 3rd 2017 File

Recommended mods:
ChoppedStraw: http: //www.farming-simulator.c...mod_id=56564&title=fs2017
Seasons Mod: http://www.farming-simulator.c...mod_id=79288&title=fs2017
Hose System: http: //www.farming-simulator.c...mod_id=91735&title=fs2017
KastorFoodInc (ONLY THE VEHICLES!): Http://uploaded.net/file/fcatre3e (original link by Kastor)
Alternative PDA Map (with description see above)

!! I ask you only 1 map in the mod folder otherwise there's error in the LOG !!
I wish you a lot of fun with the Klingenbach

1 large yard with cereal storage (no standard silo at the farm)
1 contractor farm
1 external warehouse (standard silo)
3 large sales stations (agricultural trade, grain mill, grain trade)
3 smaller sales stations
1 big BGA with 4 wedge silos
many economic cycles
2 villages
1 sawmill
4 species of animals (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens)
Standard Fruit
plus rye, spelled, millet, triticale and oats
3 large and 4 smaller realistic designed forest areas
31 fields and 8 meadows

Economic cycles of SVAPA Agro (empty pallet production, dairy, butcher, ...)
2 septic tanks 1 each installed in the two villages
BuyOnSiloTrigger on the land trade (purchasable goods)
Sewage treatment plant for fertilizers and compost production
Seed production at the LU farm
Fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and seed storage at the farm
Scales with statistics function
Fillable tank farm at the yard, external warehouse and at the LU-Hof
Dynamic planning at all points of sale and at the external storage silo
Milk must be sold by yourself
Dairy sale at the dairy
extractable cow and pigsty
Beet and potato storage at the main courtyard
Pig feed mixer at the farm for the production of pig feed
Hose System Ready (Wopster)

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Map by: skydiver2103 [FBM Team]
Weitere Credits siehe Spoiler unten

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