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Knight 2050 Vista pack v1.0
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Knight 2050 Vista pack v1.0

Knight Farm Machinery Ltd is a British Manufacture based in Oakham, Rutland, specialising in crop sprayer design since the 1980’s. This pack includes Knight 2050 Vista, and offers 4 models:

Knight 2050 Vista 24m Boom, 4000l Tank
Knight 2050 Vista 32m Boom, 5000l Tank
Knight 2050 Vista 36m Boom, 5000l Tank
Knight 2050 Vista 40m Boom, 6000l Tank

The Knight 2050 Vista comes as standard on TM600_520_85R42, but can be equipped with TM100_380_90R50 for row crop or TM2000_800_65R32 wide tyres for floatation in wet conditions.
Hope you enjoy the pack and find a sprayer the suites your farming needs.

Model: Giants
Texture: peter
Fs17, Texture Changes, Model changes, XML changes.

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