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Komatsu EX 50 v1.1 beta
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Komatsu EX 50 v1.1 beta

Now arrived in LS17 From the LS13 and LS15 which:
Forklift Komatsu EX 50

Lifting, driving, transport etc
Iam Komatsu largely rebuilt, perfect but is not it works very well. The log is without error.
A fork one yet ...
He is under the category front loaders, front loaders all attachments also adjust the trucks!
It can be drawn trailer (trailer, no low Trailer)
Lights, indicators, mirrors are also functional ...
If the mod you like: donated me a beer;)

Modell: Solanz
Textur: Solanz
Script: ---
Idee / Konzept: MasterXerion
Tester: MasterXerion
Sonstige: MasterXerion

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    2017-01-06 22:44
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  • Sweet250
    2017-02-28 17:16
    the forklift is not the problem, but I do have two words to be added to this forklift --- COUNTER WEIGHT
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