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Kotte Universal Pack v1.0
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Kotte Universal Pack v1.0

I am pleased to offer you the old Kotte Universal Pack for the LS17.
For some who do not know yet and are new to the LS with this pack you can transport various liquids like liquid manure, digestate, liquid fertilizer, water, diesel and milk (if again what comes).
It gives but a few restrictions in the truck which can transport water but not to be filled on the water tigger since there were a few problems with the specis.
The trailers can fill up almost everything except for diesel, but I have an extra diesel trailer attached.

These trailers also handle the SiloTrigger very well and can be filled from above it is necessary to open the lid.
In order to make everything look very real, your own unloading effects were created and installed.
With this pack you can supply your animals with water.
A tipping and overload function is also supported.
Prepared TipTriggers when tilting are a prerequisite!
The IT Runner Container and the Kotte Mobile Transport Tank should only be used as storage tanks; the IT Runner Tank can also be transported in the filled state.
But of which I abrate because of the bulk of the liquids.

Farmer_Andy the Best!!!

  • Respect for modders
    2017-10-04 00:45
    This looks like Farmer Andy's Kotte pack stolen. So maybe give the correct credits and not steal some-one elses work
  • Eng51ine
    2017-10-04 05:21
    also.... Farmer Andy already converted and released it for FS17 quite a few months ago, pretty sure like last November
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