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Kotte Universal Pack v1.2.0.0
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Kotte Universal Pack v1.2.0.0

Hereby I present you the old well-known Kotte Universal Pack now as a single download.
The Kotte Unversal Pack contains everything you need to see in the picture.
This pack is used to transport various liquids or gases.

Please also note that it may occur on some maps that various Warnings appear in the log because of missing FillTypen.
This can be safely ignored.
The reason is that the Filltype then just was not installed on the map with which you play.
Please also note the changelog, it has done a lot compared to the old kotte universal pack.

Mod: Farmer_Andy Scripts: Blacky BPG, kevink98

  • Dj mike
    2018-01-11 14:05 Send message
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    hij is super goed en mooi
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-11 14:14 Send message
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    where do I transport the AR modules ???
  • Admin
    2018-01-11 16:58 Send message
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    Old mod, the latest version is according to the OFFICIAL download site Marhu.net
  • Wee5t
    2018-01-11 19:32 Send message
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    @ ADMINWo hast du denn zählen gelernt? ist aber eine ganze Ecke weiter als hat vielleicht auch mal etwas bei Marhu hochgeladen aber der kommt eigentlich von Modding-Welt.
  • Troy
    2018-01-12 03:10 Send message
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    Toolbar the ar frames can be attached to any of the 3 vanilla(exp MAN 18.440) in-game trucks. sorry can say if the ar frames will work for all modded trucks though
  • Dennis53
    2018-01-13 18:39 Send message
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    can you add in the kotte man truck tanker
  • Daniel
    2018-01-13 21:28 Send message
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    the ar modules its not going on the trailers well on the truck from the ar pack
  • Bufaloe
    2018-01-16 00:53 Send message
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    wasted time down loading. most say they'll accept gas but they don't!bad mod
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