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Krampe SB30 / 60 with top and hitch v1.1
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Krampe SB30 / 60 with top and hitch v1.1

Here I have for you the Krampe SB30 / 60th It can be purchased in 2 versions at the store. Without and with top boards.
It can be purchased an additional hitch to thus all hangers can be hitched. Further, a rotating light can be purchased.

Were amended, inter alia, the tarpaulin, the rear lights, front marker lights, side lights, etc.

Loading capacity: 59000 l
Loading capacity: 78470 l

The Mod ran flawlessly for me. Should at any of you show error, please me share this with.
For criticism I have. But please constructively and objectively.

And now I wish much fun with the mod!
Greeting Landei


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