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Kran pack v1.0.0.0
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Kran pack v1.0.0.0

Dear LS user,
in the name of LS special constructions (Acker-Paule, Don Karsto) I can offer you today the LS-Sonderbauten crane pack for DL.
Please unzip the RAR file and insert both ZIP files into the mod folder.
Included are:
- Progress T174 / 2c (Authors are "ieg53i, uewe, capu and LS-Sonderbauten")
* Choice of color for body and rims in orig. Progress colors
* Gripper for loose / spreading material
* own category "Excavator" in the shop
* IC control, fully animated

- Progress T188 A0-03 (Authors are "LS Special Buildings")
* Gripper for bulk / grit (included in the T174 / 2c mod, new grippers will be in a separate pack when they are ready)
* own category "Excavator" in the shop
* IC control, fully animated

So now have fun playing your LS-Sonderbautenteam


  • Igor
    2017-12-20 15:05
  • Igor
    2017-12-20 15:06
    Its a incredible
  • Jay


    2017-12-20 16:37
    can you make it as a zip file as im not sure how to do rar files
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