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Kraz 255b Laptevnik + Trailers v1.0
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Kraz 255b Laptevnik + Trailers v1.0

The mod pack includes:
- Kraz 255 Laptevnik Technical assistance cost 80500;
- Kraz 255 Laptevnik Cistern for transportation of various liquids cost 70000;
- Kraz 255 Laptevnik Tanker for transportation and refueling equipment cost-75000;
- Kraz 255 Laptevnik Tyagach cost 65500;
- Trailer service for refueling and maintenance of agricultural equipment cost-18000;
- Trailer Tank for transportation of various liquids cost-22000;
- Trailer Fuel-Tank for transportation of fuel and refueling equipment cost-28000;
- Semitrailer-tanker for transportation of various liquids and refueling equipment cost-32000; [/ list]

Features Kraz-255B Laptevnik:
- Wheel selection 2 options;
- Engine selection 2 options;
- Choice of body color, wheels and painting of individual parts;
- There was an animation of the engine at the request of comments;
- All the cisterns have transfer pipes;
- On all trailers running animation of unloading and simply draining liquids;
- There is an animation when refueling equipment;
- All the lighting equipment workers all the machinery gets dirty.


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    VIRUS! When I tried to download this garbage, my Kasperski detected "malicious software, ", that tried to redirect me who knows where. Maybe it is harmless, maybe it is not.. Want to try? VIRUS!Strange thing is that yesterday I made this comment, but today it was erased, so I am doing it again. VIRUS
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