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Kraz 7E 6316 SIBERIA v1.0
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Kraz 7E 6316 SIBERIA v1.0

Kraz 7E-6316 "SIBERIA" the pilot model of the Kremenchug automobile plant in 1988 with a wheel formula of 8x8.
The Mod Pak Pak-7E-6316 "SIBERIA" includes:
Kraz 7E-6316 "SIBERIA"  tractor cost 85000;
Kraz 7E-6316 "SIBERIA" - with a hook loader cost 90000.
Tral worth-40,000.
Engine selection 2 options;
Choice of wheels 3 options;
Painting only disks;
Animation suspension;
There is animation of cardans, mud flaps;
Open the doors, windows, hood, the hatch lowers the reserve;
Working speedometer, all sensors are working, mirrors;
On the trawl, fixing the load, turning axles 1 and 4;
Dynamic hoses on tractor and trawl.

Leha, sasha-kmit

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