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Krone Big M v1.0
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Krone Big M v1.0

Here I present my first mod before it könten more yet to come.

Modell: Krone Big M
Idee / Konzept:

  • Jimbo052
    2016-11-01 19:19
    Does not work, its not showing in the mod list.
  • Gtxmods
    2016-11-01 19:26
    This is a FS15 Mod that has not even been converted.However GTX Mods is currently building a brand new FS17 Version from a new Model.Watch this space. It will be out very soon. :-)
  • Erpilas
    2016-11-01 19:28
    lot of mistakes, thanks for trying .....
  • Duh


    2016-11-01 20:14
  • Johnt
    2016-11-01 20:36
    Thanks for the heads up GTXMODS :)
  • Eagle355th
    2016-11-02 04:42
    I've been trying to convert this one. All the stuff you have to do to convert MOD wow!
  • Jumbo5747
    2016-11-02 14:53
    Sorry Thomas,Does NOT work, and does NOT show in mod list - hard luck!Thanks for the info from GTXMODS - I can't wait but I'll watch out for it - thanks for the info!
  • Tim121672
    2016-11-03 04:03
    Hey "THOMAS IS A TOOL" Who cares..... Thomas cant steal a mod if someone doesn't make it public,and when they do its no longer a private mod so how can it be stealing? And so what if he makes money off this site from advertising , its better that he makes money from that than charging us to use the site to get downloads. Ive used modhub for a long time and am getting sick of all the crybabies out there talking about stolen mods.READ YOUR GIANTS AGREEMENT PPL.
  • Gtxmods
    2016-11-04 08:45
    Tim the agreement is one thing. BUT>>>> Credit is something that should be given. This is the reason good Modders stop sharing Mods. Without Marhu for example this game would be half of what it is. But we all dislike that no credit is given and our Mods get taken and destroyed or re released with upgraded capacity and then claimed as there own mod.
  • Gtxmods
    2016-11-04 08:46
    Now the Big M we are doing is a Giants model originally and we have removed and separated parts and given them function, cleaned up the textures and add FS17 function and fetures. BUT!!!! When we release it we will credit Giants as they did the original Model not us. There is more to modding then just changing capacity. P.s. Giants also ask for no errors in mods but that is overlooked all the time by some as this mod shows.RESPECT FOR MODDERS.
  • Jacques
    2016-11-04 17:30
    dommage que le mod ne fonctionne pas aucunement pris en charge n'existant pas a l'achat
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