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KRONE BIGM500 v2.2
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KRONE BIGM500 v2.2

Hello All,  This is my favorite KRONE_BigM500_wide mover from FS15. So I decide to convert it to FS17 by myself.

Model: sadame
Texture: sadame
Script: sadame
Idea / Concept: sadame
Testing: sadame
Other: sadame

  • Renenate
    2016-11-15 00:55
    can u covert the other krone that holds the grass dont remember the model thanks...
  • Mckoyo
    2016-11-15 04:04
    Yeah can you convert that thing he is talking about it folded out and it was a triangular shape when it was completely unfolded.
  • Beejaynz
    2016-11-15 06:58
    OR!! convert the Krone Ultima baler/wrapper,,please!, this is the best mod of all
  • Dream maker
    2016-11-16 02:44
    one bug i found it is i little light in the back it slides when turning but work great keep them coming
  • J


    2016-11-16 21:57
    Bm Modding is bringing the krone Ultima into 17 so there wont be buggs or things not working but a mod thats 100% perfect as it was before
  • Trevorsigor
    2016-11-17 11:53
    bonjour, super ton mod un crochet arrière pour une remorque chargeuse serait parfait merci pour votre travail @+
  • Eagle355th
    2016-11-20 05:39
    Thank You Thomas! I'm trying to put a Hinge on back.
  • Beejaynz
    2017-05-05 02:43
    I can't connect a trailer to this ?
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